︎Set Decorator, Props Stylist & Buyer

Based in London, I work within set design for film and photography. It combines a load of things that make me up;  I get to indulge in an obsession with domestic objects, which probably has something to do with growing up in a house full of interesting things. My mum is a retired antiques dealer (plus self confessed hoarder) so I would spend my free time in auction houses and at antiques fairs as a child. Making tiny dens in the back of her shop with ornaments and curiosities.

I studied fine art, specialising in video and installation so it makes sense that it led me here.

I like to work across both long format production and short & sweet commercials. I enjoy the pace of the commercials and the craft and narrative of film.

I mainly work alongside designers but I do design work myself so please get in touch with any potential projects.

+44 (0)7793 081803